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          1. Bond Buzz

            What just happened? What’s about to happen? Make sure you don’t miss a thing by checking our news, events and social media channels.? There’s always something happening on campus or far afield that’s worth creating a buzz about, from student achievements and recent successes to high profile alumni across the globe that continue to reach great heights.

            Engage with Bond on social media

            You can connect and engage with Bond University on a number of social media platforms. Through social media we share the buzz of student life, latest news items, Bond events; as well as support future students through answering questions and welcoming you to the Bond community before you even arrive on campus. Read more

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            Celebrate our recent successes

            At Bond University we are proud of our achievements, not just those which showcase our academic standing in tertiary education but we also celebrate the personal success of our researchers and students, innovation in our teaching and technology and of course, bringing ambition to life. Read more

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            Get the Buzz from our alumni

            Free News Corp subscription for staff and students

            Bond University in partnership with News Corp is now offering Bond staff and students full access to The Australian and Gold Coast Bulletin. By registering for the service using your Bond email address, you can stay up-to date with the broad coverage of local stories as well as national and world issues. Get content that is relevant to your fields of study with in-depth coverage of business, economics, law, finance, technology, science, sport, arts and more. Learn more