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          1. Current Students

            As a Bond University student, you will have a unique experience which will see you receive?personalised?attention from the classroom and through every aspect of life at Bond. It begins when you arrive on campus with Orientation Week. The first week on campus provides new students with a full calendar of information sessions and social activities where you can meet other new students. Once classes get underway, you may also find some of our other Student Support services helpful.??

            When you commence university, it's an exciting time. It's normal to feel apprehensive about beginning your studies and having some nerves around starting, is expected. The commencement section aims to help ease the tension, by providing the information you require, no matter what your query. Read more

            In order to study at Bond, it's essential to follow the correct enrolment process. It's important to check on chosen subjects and fees prior to beginning. There are various processes to follow depending on whether you are a new, current or international student. Please ensure you read this section carefully before beginning. Read more

            At Bond University, we have an examinations and assessments procedure which all students must follow. A procedure has been developed to avoid confusion and ensure, when it comes to exam time, students are clear on what is expected. There are also certain rules around the reasons that Bond allow, for deferral of examinations and assessments.? Read more

            Graduation is a special time for Bond University students. The graduation ceremonies are usually held on the Saturday in either Week Four or Five of term, in the University Sports Hall. Two ceremonies are generally held on the same day at different times to cater for all graduates.? Read more

            What's on

            Managing your enrolment

            If you're swapping subjects, make sure you understand how withdrawing from your original subjects may affect your enrolment, grades and fees. You can add and swap subjects via your study plan in eStudent on or before the census date for the semester or teaching period you're studying in.? Read more

            Withdrawing from individual subjects can be done via eStudent up until the census date for the current semester (end of week 4). Please use the Subject Withdrawal Request form?if applying after the census date. International student visa holders must discuss and seek approval for withdrawal from the International Student Team Coordinator prior to withdrawing. Please note however, that financial penalties will apply for withdrawal after week 2.? Read more

            If you wish to suspend your studies completely you must apply to withdraw.?If you wish to return at a later date then you may apply for leave of absence.?You may apply for leave of absence for up to three semesters.?This could depend on your program.?As this process requires the withdrawal of subjects, you may incur a penalty depending when you withdraw and your circumstances.

            To withdraw from study you must complete a?Withdrawal from Program Form?and submit it to the Student Business Centre.

            For further enquiries regarding withdrawal please contact the Student Business Centre, email?[email protected], phone +61 7 5595 4049 or present in person at the Student Business Centre. Read more

            To be able to change program, you must meet the entry requirements for the new program.

            Check the key dates for program changes to find out when you need to apply by. Read more

            You may be able to study subjects at another university and receive credit towards your Bond degree.?For more information and to get approval you must speak to an Enrolment Advisor. An Enrolment Advisor will assess whether the study is appropriate, and confirm whether you'll receive credit towards your Bond degree.

            If you are completing the subject?in your final semester, you may need to make sure that the results will be available in time for the graduation deadline. Read more


            Student Business Centre

            The Student Business Centre is responsible for managing student matters such as enrolment in subjects, organising examinations, entering grades on student records and arranging graduation.

            We also manage a number of other activities and services such as providing copies of academic transcripts, organising class timetables, issuing ID cards, managing US and Canadian Financial Aid programs and liaison with the Department of Immigration regarding visa compliance matters.

            For more information or assistance contact the Student Business Centre:

            +61 7 5595 4049

            Normal opening hours: Monday - Friday 8.30am - 5.00pm
            Extended opening hours: Wednesdays until 6.30pm during Orientation, week 1 and weeks 10 to 12 of semester.